How to wash alpaca sweaters?

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V Neck Brushed Alpaca SweaterAlpaca is considered one of the world’s few luxury fibers due to its unique properties of softness, luster, lightness, durability, and warmth. But less is known about the proper care and cleaning of alpaca garments. Although alpaca clothing can last for years, too many people ruin their alpaca sweaters simply because they don’t know how to clean and care for them. However, washing alpaca garments is simple!
First of all, you need to know that Alpaca fiber is a naturally an anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and odor-resistant fiber, so your alpaca items probably don’t need to be cleaned as often as you think. Second, the most important thing to know when washing your alpaca garment is that agitation and heat shrink and destroy the fiber. That said, here is how to care for your alpaca sweaters to keep them silky and soft for years to come.
We recommend hand washing your garment with care in cool water with a gentle detergent, preferably shampoo. Don’t use chlorine bleach and don’t agitate or wring it. You may add fabric softener to rinse water. Lay it out on a towel and roll to remove excess moisture. Don’t hang dry and don’t tumble dry - lay the product flat, reshape to its original dimensions and allow it to dry naturally. Don’t dry in the sun. Dry cleaning is also acceptable.
If you follow these tips, gleaned from experts, your fine alpaca garment will be clean and in good shape for many years. If you have further questions about the care of your fine alpaca items, feel free to contact us.
- Chris McCue