How to wash alpaca socks? There are two ways of washing your

alpaca socks

: hand washing and machine washing. Hand washing... → continue reading
Classic Alpaca - Collection 2017-2018

Private Label Products

Is your company in need of reliable manufacturer for your alpaca garments?

Let Classic Alpaca be your direct source for private labeling of alpaca products for your brand. With two production facilities in Peru, Classic Alpaca can produce our designs for you, or work directly with your designs.

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Our Alpaca Artisans

All our artisans have one thing in common. They learned to knit when they were children, using yarns that reflect the colors of their native mountains. Their knitting skills, passed down through generations, enable them to support their families while staying home to care for them. We appreciate them and greatly appreciate their contribution to our production of beautiful alpaca products.


Classic Alpaca is looking for experienced professional reps to help promote the brand. Reps should have experience with higher quality clothing along with an established client base. With 14 years in business and with ownership of two production facilities in Peru, your orders will always be fulfilled.