Classic Alpaca presents ExpoTextil 2019.

Classic Alpaca ExpoTextil 2018.

Classic Alpaca presents Alpaca Fiesta - 2018.

Classic Alpaca presents its new Peruvian Punk Collection inspired of the black and white motifs of our Pre-Columbian cultures (Moche-Huari) fused with Punk iconography, a musical stream that was born in the early 70’s genre which is characterized by its independent attitude.

Adhering to this fusion, oversize silhouettes achieving a contemporary black and white collection where details such as lines, figures, textures and fibers of the garments stand out because of the absence of other colors.

Classic Alpaca represents the ultimate of art textile. Working together with a community of skilled artisans in Huancayo and Lima city to produce our unique line of alpaca garments.

We are proud that our workshop now employs about 80 women working in specialized production areas of our facility and our factory in Lima is equipped with two Stoll knitting machines, manufactured with German technology plus the hard work of our excellent team.

We always bring quality to our pieces because each detail matters.

Behind the scenes of our 2015 collection photo shoot in Arwaturo ruins - Peru.

It was made with one of the most luxurious fiber, Alpaca. This fiber is elastic, strong, warm and soft. It is all you need to add comfortable and luxury to your outfit.

Behind the scenes of our 2015 collection photo shoot in Huancayo - Peru.

It was made with the "Gold of the Andes", Alpaca. Its fiber brings excellent drape, appearance, natural luster and handle to each piece and its structure provides with a superior thermal insulator, useful in varied climatic conditions.