Alpaquita Knit Hat
Alpaquita Knit Hat
Mixt. Green Mlge. - Navy - Natural Alpaquita Knit Hat
Mixt. Green Mlge.-Sky Mlge.-Natural Alpaquita Knit Hat
Mixt. Black-Grey Mlge.-Natural Alpaquita Knit Hat
Mixt Lt. Grey-Black-Natural Alpaquita Knit Hat
Mixt Black-Red-Natural Alpaquita Knit Hat
Mixt Brown Heather-Beige-Natural Alpaquita Knit Hat

Alpaquita Knit Hat

Art. 12366 In Stock

Embrace the warmth and style with our Alpaquita Knit hat, handcrafted from luxurious alpaca fiber. Perfect for a cozy touch to your daily ensemble.

Composition: 100% Alpaca Superfine
Weight: 2.82 oz.
Sizes: One Size
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Questions & answers

Can you message me when this becomes available? Thank you!
We have more coming this month. I believe next week.
I want 6 black/grey. Pre order is 36pcs. Is this correct?
We should have a lot of those in stock now.
Are they fleece lined?
They are 100% alpaca. No fleece lined. Thank you!